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Sink Splash Guard

Sink Splash Guard

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Are you someone who is always getting the front of your shirt wet when doing the dishes or washing your hands?

Introducing Dreamroo's Sink Splash Guard - a premium sink water splash guard for the kitchen and bathroom that will help reduce splashes and keep your clothes, floor and countertop dry.. so you never have to get wet again!

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Multi-Purpose Design - Stay Dry

Our long Splash Guard is designed to keep you dry with a unique angle foot to ensure water won’t slip under the bottom. It can be used in front of, behind, or next to the sink, making it a versatile gadget for both the kitchen and bathroom. It provides the ultimate protection against unexpected water splashes, so you don't have to worry about water all over the countertop and or your clothes.

Removable & Reusable - Non-Slip Grip

Our Sink Water Splash Guard is made with a base of 5 integrated strong silicone suction cups, and remains firmly in place, even when wet. It can be easily installed or removed to store, move or clean on any smooth surface without the need of tools. Perfect for kitchen and bathroom sinks, bathtubs, kitchen islands and more.

Sink Edge Guard - Prevents Chipping

Protects stone counters from chipping and damage. The Dreamroo edge protector will keep your granite or stone countertops safe from chipping when you’re cleaning your dishes. The silicone saddle acts as a guard for your countertop while also protecting your glassware, dishes, pots, and pans from damage. Using our silicone sink saddle is also a great way to save yourself the back pain of leaning over into the basin every time you do the dishes. With the edge guard, you can wash your pans and kitchenware at counter height, making the experience more comfortable.

Convenient Coverage

Measuring 19.5 in long and 5.5 in high, our sink guard offers coverage without getting in the way. It will help reduce splashes and keep your clothes, floors and countertops dry.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning our sink splash guard is a breeze – release the suction, rinse and dry. Also, dishwasher safe, and can be sanitized in boiling water if needed.

100% Food Grade Silicone

Made of 100% non-toxic food grade silicone.

Available in 4 colors to match your kitchen/ bathroom - this splash guard adds style to your home while keeping it clean.