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Sprinkler Animal Bath Toys

Sprinkler Animal Bath Toys

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The Sprinkler Animal Bath Toys set is the perfect addition to bath time fun for young children. This set includes four cute and colorful animal toys - a panda, owl, rabbit, and bear. Each toy is designed with a sprinkler feature that sprays water when the toys are squeezed, adding an extra level of entertainment to bath time.

The toys are made from 100% silicone, which makes them soft, safe, and durable for your child to play with. They are also BPA and PVC free, making them non-toxic and safe for your child to use. The toys have been independently tested and meet CPSIA standards, ensuring that they are safe for use by children.

The Sprinkler Animal Bath Toys set is easy to clean and can be quickly rinsed with water. The toys are lightweight and easy for small hands to hold, making them suitable for children aged 6 months and up. With this set, your child can enjoy a fun and interactive bath time experience while improving their motor skills and coordination.

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