Dreamroo's Bento Boxes are great for snacks on the go

Summer is ending, but the fun doesn't have to!

Even though school may be out for the day, most kids still have a lot of energy to burn, which sometimes make the time between school and dinner time challenging. We have 10 fun ideas that can be the perfect way to end the afternoon!

1. Bike rides - take your kids out for a fun bike ride near your house.

2. Paint objects from nature - Have your children go outside to gather different objects to paint and create with. 

3. Create snack art - for snack time, put some ingredients that kids can use to make their own creation. 

4. Meet friends at the local playground - Call your friends and let the kids hang out together at a local playground. 

5. Create an obstacle course - obstacle courses are challenges that kids love conquering. 

6. Sidewalk chalk murals - Get some fun colored chalk for your kids and create fun chalk murals and designs.

7. Do a puzzle together -When looking for the right puzzle, make sure to look for the correct age group!

8. Fitness classes and sports - If your kids are high energy try enrolling them in activities such as gymnastics, swimming, soccer and other sport camps.

9. Performing arts classes - If your kids like to express themselves try enrolling them in dance, music or acting classes. 

10. Creative arts classes - Channel your kids creativity by enrolling them in drawing, painting, photography or other art classes!

Which ever activity you decide to do with your kids, remember that Dreamroo's Bento Boxes are great for snacks on the go!



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